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Baby Holding Parent

Heal your early imprints

The way we respond to stress



How we experience transitions



How we come into relationship



Have you ever wondered if your current challenging patterns, behaviours and core beliefs may originate as far back as your own conception and birth?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy acknowledges the importance of the way we come into the world and how this shapes who we become. If our basic human needs of recognition, acknowledgment and unconditional acceptance were not met as a prenate in the womb or as a baby, we may then have difficulties in developing a sense of safety in the world and being present with ourselves and others in our adult life.

This may be reflected in particular in:


  • Better understanding of yourself, your patterns of behavior and how you relate to others, including your children

  • Locate the source of compulsive habits like overeating, and break the pattern

  • Experience a sense of wholeness and coherency in “your story”

  • Reduce anxiety, fear/terror levels and “panic attacks”

  • Feel more confident and connected to yourself

  • Have a healthy pregnancy and a fulfilling and empowering birth

  • Make parenting choices from a clear and resourced place inside of yourself

  • Achieve more intimacy in relationships

  • Reduce and understand stress levels and tension holding patterns

  • Explore health issues for their possible prenatal/birth origins

  • Change and improve your parenting style

  • Achieve a feeling of enhanced wellness by integrating your earliest formative experiences

  • Feel more relaxed and in control

  • Deepen your connection to your body, intuition, and instincts

  • Resolve birth and birthing trauma and issues left over from the birth of your children

I offer services on a sliding scale basis. Please contact me if you are interested to know more or click below to book a session. 



Benefits of healing early imprints

"If people enter the world knowing and feeling they matter, then they have received the first necessary rite of passage to becoming human and, in turn, they are likely to treat themselves and all other living things as though they matter too."



– Mia Kalef, The Secret Life of Babies

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